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Best Candle Jar Upcycles

Everyone loves filling their home with the aromas of a candle, but what are you supposed to do when your candle has burned out? Many people would toss the jar into the trash, but you can actually upcycle the jar!

To prepare the container for upcycling, you will need to remove the wax first. We suggest placing the jar into the freezer overnight, allowing the wax to shrink. The wax should pop out easily, but if not you can use a little bit of force with a butter knife or spoon (but do this carefully). After removing the wax, you are ready to give the jar a new purpose!

Pen Holder

Having a cluttered desk disables you to reach your full potential in your workspace. Instead of having your writing utensils scattered across a table, try using an upcycled candle jar to store and organise your pens.

Lip Balm Storage

Losing your lip balms may be a minor inconvenience, but it can cost more than you think over time. Save money and the planet by storing your lip balm in an old candle jar.


Unique planters are a great way to spice up your plant collection. Most plants come in a plain plastic pot, but transferring the plant to a candle jar will make your indoor plants look more decorative.

DIY Body Scrub

Making your own body scrub lets you know exactly what is going into your body care product. To make it, mix 1 part sugar to 2 parts coconut oil. To add a scent, simply add your favorite essential oils. Use your candle jar to store your new body scrub.

Cotton Balls and Q-Tip Jar

Cotton balls are q-tips are a necessity in many people’s daily routine, but they are not always the most convenient to store. Keeping them in a decorative candle jar will help make your space a little bit more aesthetic.

Makeup Brush Container

It is important to keep your makeup brushes clean. Keeping them stored with the brush will prevent them from laying in the dirt. Using a candle jar will give you a stylish container for your brushes to be stored on your vanity.

Candles bring a bright and clean scent into a room, but you can let the refreshing sense linger a bit longer by repurposing the jar. After burning out your favourite candle, maybe even one you poured yourself at Melanges Apaisants, upcycle the container it came in. Giving a jar a new purpose will allow you to get gorgeous containers from something that might have otherwise been tossed in the trash.


Melanges Apaisants

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